LARK Productions | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to a photo shoot?

Wear something comfortable. I would bring something classic and something more stylized, something that expresses your personality. Just remember that the more skin you have hidden the more attention will go to your face. That not only applies to your jeans but to your top as well. Hiding you arms can make a dramatic difference and take off about 10 lbs! Dark colored tops can be helpful in slimming you down for the photo. I would also avoid bold horizontal stripes unless you want to add width to your figure.

A note on men with hair gel: please note that if you gel the sides and back of your head the that the video cameras and photographer will see a great deal of your scalp. To avoid please gel your hair and comb back and sides so scalp is hidden.

One last note: Please be aware of your location. Is it windy? How will that effect my hair? It is a good idea to bring along some solutions to possible hair issues. 



Is there anything I should bring for a shoot?

Yourselves! Your smiles!  You may bring a change of clothes, personal props, face powder, a picnic blanket, feel free to use your creativity: red balloons, a vintage bike, your grandpa's rowboat... I like 'em all!