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"I've worked with the good folks at LARK before, and let me tell you - they are the real deal. Creative, hard working, and professional all describe them. They don't copy the ideas of the other photographers, or run home to easy concepts and poses when the going gets tough. They are relentless in their pursuit of engaging and intensely personal relationship-driven photographs. I highly recommend them!
                                 - Jesse B., Paragon Videography"
"I never know what to do with myself when people are taking my picture and Andrea was so great at cheerfully giving me the direction I wanted to take a great picture!"
                                                                   -Kristin S.
"My photoshoot with Andrea went really well! She is very creative and an amazing photographer! She captured my personality in all of my photos!"
                                                                -Nicole R.
"Andrea is an inspired photographer whose bright personality and humor made taking pictures a great experience"
                                                                  -Bill L
LARK productions started business the summer of 2010. We are a Husband-Wife team that enjoy working together to give you the best quality service.
We are currently living in Northwest Iowa but we serve wherever the job takes us.
Our journalistic style takes pride in capturing those unique moments and special details. We look forward to working with you.
-Luke and Andrea
Andrea and Luke both have a Digital Media degree and Andrea double majored with Graphic Design at a four year College.
"Creating visual stories is our passion and that is the basis for our company."- Andrea Kreykes